ktru playsheet


from Fri 02/17/2017 12:00:00 PM until Fri 02/17/2017 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:01 PM- king missile / i'm so lonesome [my heart is a flower] on the atlantic label.
01:55 PM- lucero / nineteen seventy nine [rebels, rogues & sworn brothers] on the liberty & lament label.
01:50 PM- angel olsen / white fire [burn your fire for no witnesses] on the jajaguwar label.
01:46 PM- holopaw / hoover [holopaw] on the sub pop label.
01:43 PM- devin davis / paratrooper with amnesia [lonely people of the world, unite!] on the mousse label.
01:40 PM- maita / ole [fio da memoria] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
01:36 PM- new madrid / not up to me [magnetkingmagnetqueen] on the normaltown label.
01:33 PM- scarcity of tanks / stood straight [fear is not conscience] on the total life society label.
01:29 PM- casey dienel / baby james [wind-up canary] on the hush records label.
01:26 PM- little mike and the tornadoes / stick with me [payday] on the blind pig records label.
01:23 PM- bigamy sisters / train [movies about gladiators] on the scotsmen from hell label.
01:22 PM- mad scene / what's going on [a trip thru monsterland] on the flying nun records label.
01:18 PM- barn owl / road to bardo [from our mouths a perpetual light] on the not not fun records label.
01:13 PM- deanta / an raibh tu ag ang carraig [ready for the storm] on the green linnet label.
01:08 PM- nina nastasia / this is what it is [the blackened air] on the touch'n'go label.
01:04 PM- lid emba and bob crane / toxic utopian [we substitute radiance] on the stick figure records label.
12:58 PM- lou barlow / mary [omeh] on the merge label.
12:56 PM- dick dale / catamount [calling up spirits] on the beggars banquet label.
12:51 PM- evil triplet / get a job [otherworld] on the super secret label.
12:46 PM- ex hex / you fell apart [rips] on the merge label.
12:41 PM- beans on toast / rainydays [fishing for a thank you] on the xtra mile recordings label.
12:37 PM- the nields / cowards [gotta get over gretta] on the guardian label.
12:32 PM- seksu roba / crystal garden [seksu roba] on the crippled dick hot wax! label.
12:29 PM- giant kitty / don't stop that bus [this stupid stuff] on the innsbruck records label.
12:26 PM- le tigre / after dark [this island] on the universal label.
12:24 PM- lure luxx / track two [captain's bell] on the medium label.
12:09 PM- venice is sinking / undecided [sorry about the flowers] on the one percent press label.
12:07 PM- volante / the simple lie [static until sunrise] on the guilt ridden pop label.
12:06 PM- wallmen / human zit couch [not too long time sound] on the bar/none records label.
12:03 PM- rollerball / earth 2 wood [trail of the butter yeti] on the felina y magia label.