ktru playsheet


from Wed 04/19/2017 08:00:00 PM until Wed 04/19/2017 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:55 PM- Bob Dylan / Blind Willie McTell [Bootleg Series v3] on the Columbia label.
09:54 PM- Richard Thompson / Down Where The Drunkards Roll [Small Town Romance] on the Hannibal label.
09:50 PM- Lenny Breau / Visions [Five O'Clock Bells] on the Genes Records label.
09:49 PM- John Fahey / Dance Of The Inhabitants of the Palace Of King Philip XIV of Spain [Return of the Repressed: The Anthology] on the Rhino label.
09:43 PM- Jean Caffeine / Firewall [Idee Fixe] on the Innerstate label.
09:42 PM- Darcie Deaville / Who Needs You [Tornado In Slo Mo] on the Redwing Music label.
09:31 PM- Jason Eklund / Burnt Toast Morning [Nine Lives] on the self label.
09:27 PM- David Olney / Women Across The River [Women Across The River Live] on the Strictly Country Records label.
09:25 PM- Kell Robertson / Madonna On The Billboard [When You Come Down Off The Mountain] on the self label.
09:23 PM- Roxy Gordon / Smaller Circles [Smaller Circles] on the self label.
09:23 PM- Townes van Zandt / Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold [Live At The Old Quarter] on the Tomato label.
09:17 PM- Terry Allen / There Ought To Be A Law Against Sunny Southern California [Juarez] on the self label.
09:16 PM- Butch Hancock / Youll Never See Me Cry [West Texas Waltzes] on the Rainlight Records label.
09:11 PM- Joe Ely / Road Hawg [Live At Antone's] on the Rounder label.
09:10 PM- Dick Dale / The Eliminator [Tribal Thunder] on the Hightone label.
09:10 PM- Davie Allan and the Arrows / Chopper [Fuzz Fest] on the Total Energy label.
09:07 PM- sir douglas quintet / shes a bout a mover [45] on the tribe label.
09:00 PM- thirteenth floor elevators / slip inside this house [easter everywhere] on the radar label.
08:58 PM- fugs / kill for peace [45] on the esp label.
08:54 PM- dowliners sect / glendora [various] on the emi label.
08:50 PM- james mcmurtry / levelland [where'd you hide the vody] on the columbia label.
08:47 PM- delbert mcclinton / standing on shaky ground [live from austin] on the alligator label.
08:44 PM- sonny boy williamson / don't start me talking [essential blues collection] on the rhino label.
08:39 PM- david bromberg / just a matter of time [use me] on the appleseed label.
08:34 PM- leadbelly / bougeois blues [gwine dig a hole and put the devil in it] on the rounder label.
08:25 PM- fred eaglesmith / time to get a gun [lipstick lies and gasoline] on the razor & tie label.
08:21 PM- rich minus / rockin the republicans [collection] on the new rose label.
08:19 PM- michael elwood / drug on wars [scarecrow's prayer] on the aga azul label.
08:17 PM- norman blake / don' be afrid of the neo-cons [single] on the dualtone label.
08:16 PM- chuck brodsky / dangerous times [color came one day] on the self label.
08:04 PM- Richard and mimi farina / bold marauder [the best of] on the vanguard label.KEN ALEXNDER8-9 / 9-10 MArK LINIMON