ktru playsheet


from Sat 06/17/2017 08:00:00 AM until Sat 06/17/2017 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:56 AM- the octopus project / ledgeridge [memory mirror] on the robot high school label.
09:53 AM- hakim / bet she looks like you [green twins] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
09:49 AM- mac demarco / a wolf who wears sheep clothes [this old dog] on the captured tracks label.
09:47 AM- james pants / my girl [welcome] on the stones throw label.
09:43 AM- sextetos bolona / aurora en pekin [sextetos cubanos sones vol ii] on the arhoolie label.
09:40 AM- sleater kinney / no cities to love [no cities to love] on the subpop label.
09:37 AM- johnny cash / i never picked cotton [unchained] on the american recordings label.
09:32 AM- kinski / rhode island freakout [airs above your station] on the subpop label.
09:30 AM- wall / river mansion [untitled] on the wharf cat label.
09:23 AM- liars / scissors [sisterworld] on the newbin label.
09:18 AM- misfits / hollywood babylon [collection 1] on the plan 9 label.
09:15 AM- burn houses / sweet moment [s/t] on the sinkhole texas inc label.
09:12 AM- dion lunadon / eliminator [s/t] on the agitated label.
09:11 AM- thomas chapin / kaokloand [you don't know me] on the arabesque label.
09:03 AM- moonlandingz, the / nuef de pape [interplanetary class classics] on the chimera music label.
08:58 AM- the buttertones / two headed shark [gravedigging] on the innovative leisure label.
08:54 AM- lee fields / you made a man out of me [problems] on the soul fire records label.
08:51 AM- the jesus lizard / thumper [shot] on the capital label.
08:47 AM- dondero, david / country cliche [inside the cat's eye] on the koschke records label.
08:43 AM- the mountain goats / rain in soho [goths] on the merge label.
08:35 AM- power / power [electric glitter boogie] on the in the red label.
08:31 AM- the suffers / gwan [the suffers] on the rhyme and reason label.
08:29 AM- 360's / dead 1970s [supernatural] on the warner label.
08:22 AM- the looters / the proving ground [imago mundi] on the monster music label.
08:19 AM- lord high fixers / your on my mind [is your club a secret weapon] on the estrus label.
08:17 AM- king missle / jesus was cool [mystical shit] on the shimy discs label.
08:14 AM- lotte kestner / string [the bluebird of happiness] on the saint marie records label.
08:11 AM- lord newborn and the magic skulls / she's my melody [lord newborn and the magic skulls] on the ubiquity label.
08:05 AM- gummibar / i am a gummy bear [i am your gummy bear] on the gummybear international label.
08:01 AM- sir was / bomping [digging a tunnel] on the city slang label.