ktru playsheet


from Thu 04/20/2017 03:00:00 PM until Thu 04/20/2017 04:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:52 PM- rjd2 / the horror (ghostwriter remix) [the horror] on the definitive jux label.
03:47 PM- killer mike / butane [rap music] on the williams street label.
03:44 PM- nullsleep / streetlight symphony [VGM Mixtape #8] on the no sides label.
03:44 PM- mayapuris / conundrum [mridanga] on the mantrology label.
03:42 PM- king missile / the little sandwich that got a guilt complex because he was the sole survivor of a horrible bus crash [failure] on the knitting factory label.
03:32 PM- daft punk / music sounds better with you/ one more time (reprise) [Alive 2007] on the Daft Punk label.
03:28 PM- king geedorah / take me to your leader [take me to your leader] on the big dada label.
03:23 PM- dj shadow / building steam with a grain of salt [endtroducing] on the mowax label.
03:21 PM- thievery corporation / thief rockers [the temple of i & i] on the in grooves label.
03:21 PM- atom and his package / i am downright amazed at what i can destroy with just a hammer [hamburgers] on the file13 label.
03:19 PM- belle and sebastian / storytelling [storytelling] on the matador label.
03:09 PM- Hanna Barbara / Pink Panther [Toon Tunes] on the Rhino label.
03:08 PM- Animaniacs / President Song [Variety Pack] on the WB label.